Hello, I’m Becs and this is my story…

I am a 200 hour qualified and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. In addition, I hold a 100 hour meditation and mindfulness teaching qualification with Zenways.

I have been teaching classes across Nottingham and Loughborough for over 3 years with a wide range of clients. From the Nottingham University Triathlon and Athletic teams, Loughborough University and Charnwood Borough Council to name just a few. I also teach yoga & mindfulness to individuals on a one to one basis as well as teaching 3 weekly community yoga classes across the local area.

I discovered yoga in 1994. I bought a DVD and practiced for the very first time at home. I can remember how amazing the practice made me feel as I lay on my mat in Savasana – it was like magic! I fell in love with yoga from that moment on and continued to practice with dedication.

Many years passed by and whilst my yoga practice was on and off, it was something I always came back to. In 2014 I followed my instincts and contacted a local school about enrolling  on a teacher training course. I was delighted when I was given a place and in January 2015 I began my Yoga Alliance teacher training course in Nottingham.

From there, my life changed beyond measure. Nothing had ever felt so ‘right’ and I quickly realised I had found a path to a new and better me. Learning that yoga was not just how I am on the mat, but more importantly how I am off the mat. It was just what I had needed.

I teach a classical style of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga where asanas (postures) flow from one to the next. A powerful tool for self-transformation, the practices are designed to create a balance of strength and flexibility which is intended to align and calm your body, mind and spirit in preparation for meditation.

I am a barefoot dreamer, free spirit, pursuer of happiness and lover of life.

I discovered meditation over 10 years ago and with curiosity, I started a course in Buddhism at the Nottingham Buddhist Centre. The teachings resonated with me and I was naturally drawn to this way of life. I began reading many books and learning more about meditation and mindfulness.

Over time, my interest in this approach evolved into a deep connection and passion. Meditation and mindfulness have since become not only a daily practice but a way of life that brings a sense of purpose, inner peace and joy.

In 2016 I enrolled on a meditation and mindfulness teacher training course. Whilst the course equipped me with the skills to teach an 8-week meditation and mindfulness course for wellbeing, this was by far the deepest, most enlightening, challenging and life changing journey I have ever been on.

By living more of my life in the present moment I became calmer, happier and felt a deep sense of connection, not just with life itself, but with those around me and with the wider Universe.

In March 2018 I formally took my Zen Precepts with Zenways, who now feel like my second family, and am now a practicing Buddhist.

I’m integrated in the full mind, body and spiritual benefits yoga & mindfulness offer. I have a wider interest in the philosophical and holistic sides and became a vegan in 2017.

Being passionate about yoga, mindfulness and healthy living, I believe that everyone deserves to live healthy, happy and free lives. I am inspired by nature and the wonderful world that we live in, meditation, self-transformation and life itself.

My main inspiration continues to be my practice. I’ve learned so many things about both myself and life. I’ve learned faith and trust and faced some of my deepest fears. I’ve learned to access my own strength, inner and outer. I’ve learned patience, that it is in the moment that you are about to give up that the biggest breakthroughs come. I’ve learned acceptance, that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be. I’ve learned how to fully live in and appreciate the now, and how to access a quiet place within that is available no matter what external chaos is going on. But most of all I am learning who I am, who I truly am, from the inside out. This journey is never ending and my learning continues every day.