This course is aimed specifically at improving your overall health and wellbeing. The simple, yet effective techniques are suitable for individuals and organisations wanting a non-spiritual programme that provides stress-proofing, well-being and problem-solving.

Reduce anxiety, stress and low mood while finding joy, self-compassion and contentment in your day to day life. Achieve deep relaxation and encourage positive personal change.

Mindfulness is an evidence based practice recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It is effective in treating and managing many health conditions such as anxiety, stress, physical and emotional pain through to higher brain function.

Paying attention in a non-judgmental way to what is going on in your body and mind, in the world around us and tuning into the breath, is called mindfulness. This moment to moment awareness may lead to seeing things differently, perhaps to feeling less stuck, or feeling like you have more options, more strength and confidence in your possibilities.

The course aims to help you in taking better care of yourself and in getting the most out of your everyday experiences.  Learn new ways to handle challenging physical sensations, feelings, moods or social interactions.

Many people completing the programme report lasting physical and psychological benefits including:

  • An increased ability to relax
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Heightened self-confidence
  • An increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations

What does the course involve?

The course runs over 8 weeks in 2-hour sessions in the evening. To get the most out of the course you are required to have a daily home practice of 30 minutes (25 minutes meditation and 5 minutes for journaling). You will be required to build in other mindfulness practices over the 8 weeks. I will be teaching the meditation practices and support the participants learning. Group discussions are an important part of the process.

Who is the course for?

Everyone! We all have times in our lives when we experience difficulty and stress. For some of us, this can be our day to day experience. The problem or illness itself may not change but the way we relate to and cope with it may shift, making it all feel easier to manage. By developing greater awareness, we can change how we approach our experiences. We can see how our habitual and reflex reactions to events often add layers of difficulty on top of the original problem.

The course is open to any of use who are at a point in our lives where we are ready to look more deeply at ourselves.

Summary of the course
  • Learn new ways to handle our moods and emotions.
  • Learn to take better care of ourselves so we can live our lives in a fuller and healthier way.
  • Help us tackle life problems – physical, mental, social and emotional.
  • Learn to be aware of the subtle changes in the physical sensations in your body, what is happening in the world around you and your thoughts, emotions and moods.
  • Learn to respond more skilfully to situations rather than automatically reacting to them.

Overall, the course is suitable if you’d like an introduction to meditation and is often helpful in dealing with an ongoing difficulty – the problem may not change but the way we can learn to relate to it differently.

Remember that whilst taking part in the course, it can be stressful. Finding the time for your daily practice requires a change in your routine. Things can feel more intense and challenging. The programmes encourages us to bring attention to detail to everything, even difficult or unpleasant things in our lives. This is an important part of the learning to stay and be with problems or difficulties, rather than turn away from then and avoid them.

How much does it cost?

The standard course fee is £195 which includes 8 2-hour weekly group sessions, course materials, recorded guided meditations for you to practice at home and a completion certificate.

Ask me about payment options.

Please see full terms and conditions.

How do I book?

Please visit my bookings page to check dates and to book. Prior booking is essential as places are limited to ensure everyone gets support throughout the course.